Arva is located just north of London at the intersection of Provincial Highway 4 (Richmond Street) and Medway Road (7th Concession). While it is not located within the formal boundaries of the City of London many individuals who work in London reside in Arva, and vice versa. 

The community is the home of Medway High School, Centennial Central Public Dual Track School, Tamarak tree farm, Weldon Park, and the Arva Flour Mill. Two of our favourite places in Arva include Annie's Chocolates and Picard's Peanuts. Arva is also home to other small businesses and churches.

Arva is located on a pond (known as "the mill pond") on Medway Creek. There is also a forest known as the sanctuary (in St. John's Estates); the bush runs along the creek and goes down in to a camp site that at one time was quite popular.

A person living in Arva, and who has been for an extensive amount of time, is considered an Arvite.