Rheuminfo.com is the premier website for accurate and reliable arthritis and rheumatology information. It is widely used by rheumatologists throughout North America and world-wide. Rheuminfo.com was created by Dr. Andy Thompson.


Rheumtalks.com is the highly acclaimed on-line CME site for health-care professionals. However, patients can also learn a great deal from rheumtalks.com as well.  


RheumReports.com is the leading digital destination for meeting-specific content and real-time event coverage. Our editorial and writing teams, led by a growing roster of key opinion leaders and premier contributors, provide live independent coverage of the latest rheumatology meetings and events. We listen to the interests and educational needs of health care professionals to effectively create, curate, and deliver content that is relevant and valuable to them. Our dedicated team works around-the-clock to produce quality real-time content over the course of events of any size. We aim to keep health care professionals “in the know” and ahead of the curve.